Fan Art for Sithrah 2 Kickstarter Contest

Hello everyone, I forgot to post this here when I finished it. If you haven't checked out any of Jason Brubaker's work you are truly missing out. Voting goes through June 10th and is open to anyone! You can check out all of the amazing art submissions in the video below and follow the Survey Monkey link to cast your vote.

Busy Little Bee

     I have been trying to buckle down on pumping out some new artwork. I have been working on sketch cards as well as some new full sized copic pieces to have for sale at my artists alley table at the upcoming Eugene comicon. I had some prints made and I am actually planning on having my penciled comic pages from my graphic novel on display for people to see. I still have a long way to go on my comic "Cyterna" but the new pages are a dramatic improvement in my opinion. I am very excited but still a long way from a finished product. I hope to have my first 4 issues compiled into a printed graphic novel by this time next year. 


I have been really into dinosaurs lately ( for obvious reasons ) so I got my ink pens out and I'm ready to start some Rawrrrr pics!

Drawing Comics is Crazy Hard

After attending ECCC for the first time in 2014, I had finally come to the decision to create my own comic and attempt to get it published. I have been working on it on and off for over a year now around my forty hours a week at my day job. I do the writing mostly on my own and all of the art and lettering myself. I have learned everything I know from youtube tutorials, blogs  ( is my favorite) , talking to creators in person at cons (highly recommended), and of course the obvious....reading comics. After doing an exhausting amount of work and research I have figured out.....that I have an incredibly long way to go. I do however now have a completed issue of my comic which even though I am extremely proud of, I have decided to start over. I know I can do better and I will.