Making comics

I am working on a graphic novel that is actually taking way to long ( thank you day job ) but I will be posting my progress here. My comic takes place on the dark moon Cyterna.....a place where the Galaxy stores the worst criminals to serve eternal life sentences. When I first started researching " how to make a comic" I was disappointed in how much knowledge was available. For people who are interested in creating their own comics or graphic novels I have some resource recommendations that I found helpful.

First I think everyone should have a copy of " Words for Pictures" by Brian Michael Bendis and Joe Quesada 

Second I found " Framed Ink " by Marcos Mateu-Mestre and Jeffrey Katzenberg  very helpful as an artist 

And Third..... check out  it's packed with all the info that nobody else shares freely and he is hands down one of my favorite creators. Skullkickers and Wayward are in top 10 favorite comic series ever.

What I have been working on...

I had my very first comic issue almost complete when I decided that between page 1 and 22... I had learned way to much to keep going the way I was going. It was okay but I knew by the end of it I was capable of doing better. I have started penciling issue one over again and I have to say, I am pleased with the direction I'm going now. I originally had to much of a disney-ish cartoon look, but my content was a little to gritty for that cartoony look at times. It's still cartoonish but in a slightly more detailed way and my colors will better reflect the mood I want Cyterna to have. 


Original page ( before changes )  not that great

cyterna page 1.jpg

New page! Quite the difference!

Progress inks are done with issue 1 and I can't decide weather to complete colors and lettering on issue 1 or start penciling issue 2

I’m back at it again! Someday I will get this sucker done. I have finished the flat colors for the first book and I am I currently about 7 pages in on the Full Color Details. I am still dreading having to do the Lettering myself but I will figure it out. It’s coming along though.

Final Colors Issue 1 Pg 1.jpg
Final Colors Issue 1 Pg 2.jpg