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It all started when...

Well it all started when I ran across some amazing art posts on instagram. I started following some artists that do some pretty amazing paintings and I really needed to give it a try. Acrylic pouring with silicone oil has such a unique look and I absolutely love it. The cool part is anyone can do it if they have the right materials. I watched a wide variety of youtube channels to get up to speed and after a little art supply shopping at my favorite local art store, I spent the rest of the day dumping paint on canvases. I had a few trial and error moments but I finally got my mix right. I have been using mostly Art Advantage tube acrylics which are a nice paint for the right price ranging 4.99 to 5.99 a tube. I started off using Elmer's Glue All for a pouring medium which did not work out well, it was thick and a little clumpy. It also cracked a little. so I discovered Liquitex Pouring Medium which is wonderful! It keeps your paint stretchy and full bodied as you dilute it down. It does cost more than Elmer's or Floterol but is worth the money. If you use cheap glue or just water your paint will likely craze and crack and not stand up very well to the test of time. I also found a basic Treadmill Lubricant on Amazon which is 100% silicone and it does the job. I also always Gesso my canvases first since it seals it so paint doesn't leak through and it helps the paint move easier.

The Perfect Paint Mix

I use a 1:1 ratio of Acrylic paint and Liquitex Pouring Medium. After I mix that really well (with a popcicle stick) after that I add water until my paint mix is as runny as milk or creamer. I add 2-3 drops of silicone oil into each of my colors. 

Tip: I use black and white a lot as my main colors so I add a little extra water and few extra drops of silicone oil to those colors and start by poring my black and white on the canvas first. Then I add my other colors.

I prefer the swipe method to get the nice big cells to show up. when I gently drag my other colors over my base colors with a large pallet knife it really makes the oil rise up through the paint and make those big cells. Then I slowly tilt the canvas around to stretch out the parts I like ( but be carful...it's easy to over do it). Then Lastly I apply high heat from a heat gun to get the last little bits of oil to rise to the surface. 


My List of Supplies

  1. Acrylic paint
  2. Liquitex Pouring Medium
  3. 100% silicone oil
  4. Canvas
  5. Gesso
  6. Popcicle sticks
  7. Disposable cups
  8. Pallet Knife
  9. Heat Gun

I had a hard time finding good info on recipes or even why pouring medium was needed so I hope this helpful to anyone who may be trying to find that info. I hope to make some YouTube vids in the future and I will post those links here when I do. Go Paint! Enjoy

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